Case Management

Abdus Samad

    • Abdus Samad received his Bachelors of Science in Psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. He has worked at Grafton Integrated Health Network as a Case Manager prior to joining North Spring. His clients included adolescents and teenagers that face mental health and psychiatric challenges in their lives. He served as an advocate to individuals and their families by identifying the needs and appropriate services to address them. Abdus’ passion lies in offering a voice to those who are unable to advocate for themselves. As a Case Manager, Abdus oversees clients’ progress through effective case planning. He supervises teams that are in charge of developing treatment interventions and behavior management programs for the clients. He is responsible to lead monthly multi-disciplinary team meetings to ensure clients’ compliance with treatment programs. Abdus is also responsible to develop effective discharge processes to ensure successful transition of clients into their communities. It is Abdus’ goal is to bring his case management expertise as he transitions into the Lead Clinical Case Manager position at North Spring to assist clients and their families with providing resources to address their needs. Furthermore, Abdus serves as a mentor to middle school and high school students through youth groups in his local community. To continue his professional and personal growth, Abdus is currently enrolled in the MBA program at Shenandoah University Harry F. Byrd, Jr. School of Business.