“The Admissions Coordinator was very professional. She made my son feel comfortable during an uncomfortable time” – Parent of an Acute Patient

“North Spring is run well and professional. The staff treat the kids with respect and dignity. Thank you very much for all of your kindness.” – Parent of an Acute Patient

“The staff were wonderful and really helped my son and I during this time.” – Parent of a RTC Patient

“Thank you to the PHP staff for being so responsive and helpful in a crisis situation.” – Parent of a PHP Patient

“The Admissions Staff made the entire process easy and comfortable for a nervous Mom.” – Parent of a RTC Patient

“The Admissions Team made the admissions process very smooth.” – Parent of a Male Acute patient

“My child’s therapist has done an excellent job working with my client.” – Case Worker for a Male RTC Patient

“The Case Management Team is always easy to get in touch with.  They are always quick to respond, and they seem to really know the kids.” – Parent of a Male RTC Patient

“My child’s therapist is always helpful and ready to answer questions.  She is stern but compassionate.  She always fills us in with what is going on, and she tries to work with us around our schedules.” – Parent of a Female RTC Patient

“My child’s therapist always went above and beyond to ensure that our son had some type of family engagement.” – Parent of a Male RTC Patient

“The Direct Care Staff on my son’s units would talk with me about every detail on my child’s stay, and my son reported that he was able to have great conversations with them.  My son’s therapist has kept me informed of all the good and bad information regarding my child’s stay.” – Parent of a Male RTC Patient

Our son came home a changed young man, he has exceeded our expectations. – Parents of a Male RTC patient

“I am very grateful for all the effort North Spring has made for my client.” – Case Worker for a Male RTC Patient.

“My client has flourished at North Spring. He has done better here than any other place.” – Case Worker for Male RTC Patient

“Just wanted to pass along the great experience we had today picking up a kid from acute. Upon arrival all the staff was very helpful and accommodating. We went to the RTC side first and the staff there pointed us in the right direction and called over to acute to make sure they knew we were coming. We were there for about 10 minutes tops to do the pickup because the patient was ready and all of his belonging were packed and prepared.” – Admissions Worker for a Residential Treatment Center

“The program there has really helped my daughter.” – Father of Female RTC patient

“I want to thank the team at the Acute Hospital.  Our son has been receiving treatment for the past 4 years.  This is the first place that I feel has really helped him.  I certainly hope he doesn’t need hospitalization again, but if he does, I know you all will be there to help him.  Thank you!” – Parent of Male Acute patient

“This place was amazing.  The staff are super nice, helpful, and very supportive.  The therapists are wonderful too.  They’re cooperative and understanding.  I absolutely recommend this place if you need mental health treatment.” – Parent of Female RTC patient