Self Pay Guidelines

Patients with the ability to pay are expected to pay for their health care, including co-pay, coinsurance, and deductible. Patients without the ability to pay for some or all of their care will be expected to verify their financial status with a business office staff. Failure to cooperate could result in maximum outstanding balance due upon discharge.

Remaining self-pay accounts will be flagged for financial counseling to ensure that the patient/legal guardian is given full understanding of their financial liability for the services rendered. Financial counseling will be completed at the earliest opportunity prior to service for scheduled patients and at the time of service or no later than discharge.

Upon completion of patient financial counseling, patients/legal guardians are required to finalize a mutually acceptable financial agreement with North Spring Behavioral Healthcare. Self-pay patients will be required to financially resolve their estimated charges using one of the facilities approved payment options prior to or on the date of discharge. At no time will emergency treatment be delayed due to a patient’s inability to pay. Patients who make pre-payments will receive a receipt at the time of payment. Payment plan arrangements will be documented in the billing system.